Boko Haram to NLC: It’s N65 or your life!

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There is a rumoured plan by Boko Haram to bomb the national headquarters of the Nigeria Labour Congress.

It was learnt that the sect, which claimed responsibility for the bombings that killed at least 186 persons in Kano on Friday, are aggrieved that the NLC acceded to the N97 pump price proposed by the government.

The threat was said to have been conveyed to the leadership of the NLC in a mail, which has been handed over to security operatives for investigation. A source said the leadership of the NLC decided to report the matter to the security agencies to look into the issue because they did not want to make it an issue for public discourse.

Several calls to the President of the NLC, Mr. Abdluwahed Omar, the Acting General Secretary of the Congress, Mr. Owei Lakemfa, and the Head of Information and Publicity, Mr. Chris Uyot, indicated that their mobile telephone lines were either switched off or in areas outside of network coverage.

[Source: PunchNg]

Do you think this a genuine move by Boko Haram to help Nigerians? Let’s see your comments…

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