BREAKING NEWS: NLC calls off strike, pledges to continue negotiations and investigations

NLC has called off the strike today, pledging to continue to negotiate with the government to revert to the old price of N65 per litre of PMS.

This came after a unilateral decision by President Goodluck Jonathan to reduce the pump price of PMS from N141 to N 97 earlier this morning.

In a broadcast at 1:00pm today, NLC assured Nigerians that they are not going to let them down and thanked them for supporting the cause. After taking a few questions, they ended the broadcast with a solidarity song.

Nigerians have reacted to this, saying they feel betrayed by NLC and would continue to protest.

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  1. Bravo NLC/ TUC, we can clearly see that some bad element infiltrated the mass rally. It is timely to withdraw. What do they want again If the President has shown this understanding , what are they looking for then. Let nobody use labour nor her leaders to vent their anger on innocent nigerians or Mr President. Congratulation for the brave action. NLC/TUC has demonstrated that truly they meant well. solidarity for ever

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