NLC announces 2-day strike suspension

President of Nigeria Labour Congress, Abdulwahed Omar, has announced a two-day suspension of the ongoing nationwide protests over government’s withdrawal of subsidies on petrol. The protests which entered a 5th day today will now be suspended on Saturday and Sunday to allow people take a break and possibly prepare for another round of protests on Monday.

Since the nationwide strike began on Monday, labour unions have maintained it will only call of the industrial action only if government reversed its policy and brings petrol to its original price of 65Naira from the present 141Naira ($0.90).

In the event that talks scheduled for Saturday end in a deadlock, Abdulwahed Omar said, “we are going to come out on Monday very strong. It is going to be the mother of all crowds.”

However, oil workers have threatened to shut down production on Sunday if no resolution is reached.

[Source: Digital Journal]

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