Occupy Nigeria deaths: Police might drop charges against trigger-happy Police officer!

Nigerian Police attacking the late Ademola
Nigerian Police attacking the late Ademola

Reports just came in that the Lagos State Police Command may drop charges against Mr. Segun Fabunmi, the Divisional Police Officer of Pen-Cinema Police Station, who allegedly shot Abiodun Ademola to death on January 9, at Yaya Abatan in Ogba area of Lagos during the protests against fuel subsidy.

What surprises us is that the youths who were shot on that day were not protesting! Some were playing football on the road while some were reading newspapers at a nearby news stand. Fabunmi allegedly shot into the crowd and later shot Ademola in the crotch. Four others also sustained gunshot injuries.Why the Police man all of a sudden became trigger-happy, no one understands!

According to Punch Ng, a reliable police source said that as soon as the charges were dropped, the alleged killer police officer would be redeployed to another state.

When asked why police should do such a thing in view of the controversy surrounding Ademola’s killing, the source said the police would hide under the pretext that since nobody was willing to testify against the DPO, there was no justification to prosecute him.

He said, “The plan to kill this case is because Fabunmi is an officer. If he were to be a member of the rank and file, the police would have dismissed him by now through an orderly room trial and then prosecute him. The authorities are already planning to redeploy Fabunmi to another unit outside Lagos and people will soon forget about it.”

However, the Deputy Inspector-General of Police in charge of South-West zone, Mr. Azubuko Udah, has assured that investigations were going on on the case.

Ademola’s father, Mr. Ishola Abe,warned that any plan by the police to ‘sweep the case under the carpet’ would “bring the wrath of God on the police authorities.”

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