Occupy Nigeria: Where do we go from here?

The decision by Organised Labour to call off nationwide strike has been met with great disapproval by Nigerians. Nigerians feel betrayed by NLC. In their anger, some have even accused NLC of taking bribes from the government.

NLC organised rallies last week that drew hundreds of thousands from their homes to the rally grounds. Celebrities, businessmen, hustlers, the unemployed all came out to protest with one voice against the unpopular policy of the government to remove fuel subsidy thereby increasing the price of PMS from N65 to N141 per litre. Nigerians were happy that, finally, their voices would be heard.

This is supposed to be democracy, right? Government of the people, by the people and FOR the people! For once, Nigerians decided not to keep mum and accept policies forced upon them by supposedly democratic leaders and the NLC played a major role in mobilizing people and leading peaceful protests. Everyone commended NLC. Even Britons and Americans supported us and applauded the efforts of NLC to help the Nigerian people. Now, the struggle has been proved furtile. Some might say ‘at least the fuel pump price has been reduced’ but let’s not get confused, the price of fuel has been INCREASED from N65 to N97!

Government have defended this action, giving Nigerians the impression that the money gotten from the removal of fuel subsidy is the solution to all of Nigeria’s many problems – the pathway to paradise. However, they haven’t earned the trust of Nigerians, not with all the shady deals and figures that do not add up.

The protest is not just about removal of fuel subsidy, but also against corruption at all levels of government. Since the protest began, well concealed fraud have begun to be unearthed. Early 2011, many Nigerians knew nothing about the so called ‘cabals’ and the politics involved. Now, the average Nigerian is well educated about these things. Ask a primary school child, he’ll definitely have something to say about fuel subsidy.

Government is saying Nigerians should sacrifice. Yes, we are ready to sacrifice, but we need accountability and transparency. Not only that, we need to see our leaders show some commitment to this cause. They also need to sacrifice! You tell your citizens to sacrifice and you want to spend N1 billion with your deputy on food? Very sacrificial of a leader!

There are pending issues GEJ should have addressed before diving into this. Power, for one! Several companies have moved their factories to Ghana because of electricity supply issues. We were already losing  investors, now with this increase in price of PMS, what do we expect?

It is very sad that it has to end this way. NLC ended their broadcast today singing ‘Solidarity forever’. Really? Where do Nigerians go from here? What happens to the lives that were lost in the struggle? Did they spill the blood for nothing?

As to whether NLC was bribed, no one can prove that, but one thing is for sure: Change has come to this land! There is no going back! Nigerians will not rest till the wicked ones are exposed and brought to justice!!!

The Struggle So Far:

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