NSA Azazi: Jonathan yet to decide

There are indications that the president is not still at peace with his NSA.  The only fault anybody can pick with the statement was that it came from Azazi himself who occupies the sensitive position of the NSA.

He would have be more cautious knowing fully well that any pronouncement coming from him could be outrightly taken to be the position of government on the issue. Nowhere in the world does a National Security Adviser make such statements in office even if it’s true. Such statements are usually made when they had long resigned and writing their memoirs.

And this may be why President Goodluck Jonathan reacted in the discoloured and badly tempered manner he did on Saturday April 28 at the Thisday premises in Jabi, Abuja. He could have been more diplomatic in his response.

“I don’t believe that it is the undemocratic practices in the PDP that could give rise to Boko Haram or any other groups. So, probably, people need to ask the NSA to explain what he really meant. I have read it from the papers. I don’t believe it is undemocratic practices of the PDP that gave rise to this or any other militant groups,” he said.

The PDP National Publicity Secretary, Chief Olisa Metuh, was even blunter than the President in condemning Azazi. “Appointees of government should navigate only on the terrain where their authority would not be humbled by superior knowledge so as to avoid attracting undeserving and unnecessary ill-feelings for their principal.

“It is therefore a comment in grave error, a fatal diagnosis of facts for anyone to insinuate or directly assert that a section of the membership of the PDP or its foundation predisposes that only a certain section and not others will aspire to the highest office in the country.”
The NSA who is an insider also with privileged security reports on the issue was only alluding to this funny arrangement and the insincere PDP apparatchik who thought it up but never considered what the constitution said on the death of any sitting President and the consequence of that terrible concept in the event of death of a sitting president.

And for those hoping Jonathan will sack the NSA, that may not happen at least not on this issue. As said by one commentator, “They are both on the same page.” Jonathan had said earlier that elements sympathetic to Boko haram had infiltrated his government. This was because he knew just like the NSA had said that the insurgence is fueled by elements within and outside the PDP. Anyway, we wait to see how this unfolds.
Nigerians are bothered that neither the blame sharing, nor the claim to be on top of the situation has worked to produce any visible analgesic.

Nigerians want to see Azazi doing more than pointing out the source or the sources of insecurity. We cannot arrest PDP. Has he done anything about the individuals responsible for the party’s decisions? Or has he advised the President and he refused to listen? We need to know.
If he is fired for this perceived unfriendly comment though, Jonathan would only succeed in making the General a hero and icon that would obviously be the darling of everybody who is not only disgruntled but currently outside the Jonathan administrative gang.

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