Bomb Blast in Winners’ Chapel, Bauchi!

A suicide bomb blast in Bauchi has left 12 people dead and about 35 others injured. The bomb struck the Living Faith church (Winners’ Chapel) as the congregation was leaving the Sunday service in the Yelwatudu area of Bauchi state, about 12 km (7 miles) from the state capital.

The bombing impact made the building to collapse on the worshippers inside, police and residents said.

Viewers discretion advised:

Oh Lord, have mercy! Look at this innocent child!

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  1. Is only God dat will fight our battles 4 us. 4 we ve no power 2 fight on our own cus we are not fighting against flesh and blood but against principalities and power in high places.

  2. This is totally outrageous & absolutely inhumane. All I can say is God’s judgement must surely catch up with whoever is behind these bombing episodes in Nigeria. I pray for peace in Nigeria, for those injured & for the families of the deceased. Long live LFCWW, Long live FRN!

  3. D wicked will not go unpunished. Let d blood of those innocent ppl cry out to God in vengance. God of justice judge them(crying)

  4. Father, you are the God of vengance come and fight for us as you said in your word Exodus 14:14 that “you will fight for us and we shall hold our peace” father if not for anyone but for the little innocent children that their blood shall cry for vengance like that of Abel…..(Crying)

  5. May the mercy of GoD be upon u boko ha ram or wat ever ur names are…GOD wil surely fight for his people I don’t mind fighting too….GOD help u guyz dat I don’t meet u face 2 face I swear I will do wat even ma father never did trust me…

  6. We dont know this kind of country that want to destroyed people like this, only would saved us for this kind situation

  7. verily! those who have wisdom, wil neva say any impious speech agai nst d muslims ova d boko haram bomb blast. cos 1 bad egg they say spoil the other. may their soul rest in perfect peace & may those who are responsible 4 d blast be exposed amen.

  8. God pls Intervene in Nigeria, ur children are suffering for d sins of our politicians.D work of evangelism must go on. Lng live LFC, peace in Nigeria

  9. O lord,u alone knows best…boko haram or no boko haram,we d christians no dat u aren’t sleeping…our service must go on til d ends of age…

  10. Hmmm,may the souls of those innocent souls rest in perfect peace amen,God we are also waiting for vengence because it is urs and i know that nothing is imposible with u,please come and revenge.

  11. Surely d church of God shall match forward nd d gate of hell shall not prevail, we will conquer dem with our love, they fight with bombs, guns, swords but on our knees we ve got d victory

  12. Behold, He that keepeth winners neither sleeps nor slumber&d boko haram we c 2day we shal c dem no more for the Lord wil destroy dem wit his anger nd his wrath 2 boko haram&2 all deir generations&continuous weepn&mournin wil neva cease in deir house.

  13. Oh, heavenly father let d Promised Glory(God’s manifest presence) of d latter rain begin to manifest in ur church. Now to d boko haram,becos of d picture of d young girl i saw among d bomb victims, within d next 7days, i decree a mysterious death of at least 12 children of d boko haram’s family by d fire of God.

  14. verily he dat lives by bomb die same way. There is day of accountability which is really transperent. May in His infinite mercy giv d deased families d fortitude 2 bear dis great loss amen.

  15. Lord we nid u in nigeria,on d same day plane crash in lagos bomb blast in bauchi,av we sin against u lord pls av mercy upon us n fight 4 us

  16. Their land will soon be desolate, as the inhabitants we soon flee for safety. And woe shall be their portion. In Jesus name.

  17. The sin of the nation has put us where we are.we must repent and cry unto God in remorse and genuine repentance.only then can things change for the better.

  18. May our ever living GOD b praise&may he grant d souls of d dead eternal rest.Let boko haram&cohort knw dey cant stop propagation of d gospel of christ&as d lord liveth&by d blood of christ dat was shed on calvary dis wil b their last.2 my fellow in christ let us continue 2 pray 2 GOD 2 help put a stop 2 dis appening.Islam preaches no violence,only people driving by self interest dey do dis tin&GOD go deal with dem.

  19. Oh,GOD.what a word of wicked ones,ha they just step on a toe of my father.becus they must all go down dis month boko haram or what ever they say their names are i dnt want 2 kw.

  20. What are we Christian doing? Seating down and watch? Nigeria!!! it is time for us to split!!! We are living with animals and not human beings

  21. Hmmm, this is absolutely crazy. How can a human being with sense of reasoning born of a woman without any atom of respect to its Creator (God), can think of bombing a house of God. Damn this nonsense! Well sha God knows all and will judge all those behind this evil especially bombing of churches even Winners’ Chapel. May God of David Olaniyi Oyedepo, David Abioye and E.A Adeboye of Redeem, visit them all. Long Live LFC!

  22. The lord is angry with the wicked every day. Ps 7:11, whosoever is behind d killing of God’s people is under his anger, so shall be the portion of boko haram!

  23. those uncircumcise element would suffer for this heinous crime against human. may God in heaven cause their generation &n ever lastn confusion is their reward take heart family & lfc worldwide. i knw it’s well in jesus name! Amen

  24. Psalm 121 vs 1, we’ll look up to d hills, from whence comes our help?
    D hand of d Lord’s not too short to deliver us bt our sins ve made him turn away 4rm us. God bless Nigeria.

  25. God were re u, re u stil there seeing ur children diying like a goat. Father pls ve marcy on us, look at dis child die dis way. God were re u?

  26. Here me nw oh wicked men dat d wickedness of d wicked shall b upon d wicked. Unless there’s no God of heaven dats wen u would go unpunished wit these wicked acts

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