Multiple bomb blasts hit Kaduna state

Multiple bomb blasts have hit three churches in Kaduna state in Northern Nigeria. About 12 people have been killed and 80 injured in the attacks. 

Two blasts occurred in the ancient city of Zaria, while the third one took place in the Trikania area of Kaduna metropolis. The Zaria explosions occurred at about 8.30am while the Kaduna blast took place at exactly 10.00am.

The Zaria explosions occurred at the ECWA Church in Wusasa and the CKC Church in Sabon Gari. The scene of the Kaduna blast, according to reports was the Shalom Church along the Nnamdi Azikiwe Expressway in the city.

Meanwhile tension has engulfed the Kaduna metropolis following Sunday’s explosion in the state. Angry youths made burn fire in the Sabon Tasha, Television and other Christian dominated parts of the city. Angry residents openly showed their displeasure with the current situation in the region.

Kaduna state authorities have however, imposed a 24-hour curfew as soldiers and police try to restore order.

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  1. Religious war will not be right in nigeria now.It will lead to fall in the standard of living in the now.

  2. We not go to war,we will hold our peace&continue to fight on our knees!don’t forget those who kill by the sword will die by the sword

  3. one thing I know is that,islam is not a religion but a society of murderers ,if is a religion of peace according to them, their leaders would hv done something reasonable to stop this mess. They are all heading to hell.

  4. Whey are Killing innocent souls while We all know dat 1 day We must die. Be reasonable those who did if before, both the Christians and Muslims are no more. Peace, Love, unity wil make Our Country a better place. We need this Name also ‘UNITED STATE OF NIGERIA.

  5. Mattins islam is a religious of peace harmony and unity, is not what you are especting, what actually happen in our belove country is been course by politician and sopported by those western countries, i have so many reasons 1 deliveretely unemployment by the government 2 curruption 3 no fair and pre election etc every country that lack this peace will not be settle so you should not bleme islam and their leaders, bleme so call politician becouse all what they know is their pocket.

  6. All Muslim are boko haram members, their religion was found through blood sheeding by their so cal leder mohamed. We christian ll nt fall our hands lookn at dis blood suckers animals destroyn our country, after all most of them are nt nigerians. Curse unto all muslims.

  7. We are praying for God to fight every individuals that is involved in this acts, & wherever they are peace will never rain in there life for killing innocents souls.

  8. Islam and christianity are borrowed courses, brought us by foreigners and we don’t understand them and we are using it to destroy our country. We better think and change, is like we don’t think.

  9. The rabble-rouser in dis country is too much. please d governor should do something. All i knw is dat all of us we came to meet dis religion. Burning things is not d best & killing innocent people is not right way.

  10. God almighty will judge d evil ones among humanbeing.i wish HIS judgement is immediatly but who are we 2 question his Ways.May Allah intervain in Nigeria problems,Ameen.

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