Bomb blast and Gunfire in Bukuru area of Jos, Plateau state


Reports coming in indicate that there has been a blast around a primary school in Bukuru area of Jos, Plateau state today.

An explosive device was reportedly thrown by unknown persons and this led to the intervention of the Police and other security agents. Gunfire exchange between the security outfits and the hoodlums occurred afterwards.

Recently, the Bukuru area has been troubled by members of the Boko Haram sect leading to killings and bombings.


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  1. we should’nt intervent. God d creator of even & earth knows d solutn of everytin in plateau. God bless us.

  2. We citizen we suppose to stop democracy at all because Nigerian government entirely are not serious and show concern about there citizen except the borders about there families all are bad leaders.

  3. The God of Abraham, God of Isaac and our God will surely fight for us and we will win,Nigeria will win in Jesus name. Amen.

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