Bauchi NYSC camp bombing is a hoax

Earlier on today (Wednesday), there were unconfirmed rumors of a bomb blast at Bauchi NYSC camp. The blast was said to have killed at least 50 people.

OMG Nigeria wishes to inform the general public that the news is false.

There has been no explosion at the NYSC camp and normal camp activities are going on.


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  1. This kind of dangerous rumour smacks of dead conscience and death-wishism mentality of the average Nigerian of today whose mental state thinks nothing good but evil for his fellow man. Eh yaaa! What a wasted generation of moral depravists!

  2. Attention! This kind of dangerous rumor can could cause a chronic headache. Aside that pls this kind deadly rumor shuld b diligently monitor. Enhe otherwise this country would not contain us oo….

  3. Wat kind of false rumour is dis? Wishn ur fellow human dead, na wa o! Pple self, mak una tak am easy o!

  4. This type of news or rumour is affecting great Nigerians psychologically. Please Jonathan and his cabinet , stop wasting the life of the future leaders. They are so precious to naija and their parents. Deploy them to their lovely state where they wil be well protected.

  5. D corpers nid2 b posted2 der various states 2 avoid loss of lif nt wen a persn frm east wil go down2 north2 face d bombin tinz der plz president shuld luk into dis n again dis rumor is nt odinary care shuld b takin o 2avoid it 2cmin 2reality

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