Prezzo wants to marry Goldie…can their love be rekindled?

As Prezzo comes in search of his lost queen…Would they find love again?

This is a great BBA-Disney movie script! Boy meets girl. They fall in love. Then a twist… he backstabs her, shattering her heart to pieces. She moves away to a far away land. And then the prince comes searching for his long lost love, craving her forgiveness. But how would this love story end? Would he win her heart this time?

The Big Brother Africa Stargame first runner up, Prezzo is in Nigeria to ask for forgiveness. Not only that,  he wants to marry Goldie if she says yes to his request. Decked in a flowing cream coloured agbada regalia, made this known during a press conference on Wednesday, August 22, 2012 at The Place, in Ikeja, Lagos.

Prezzo, who apologised to Nigerians for the way he treated Goldie in the house, says he’s announcing his interest in Goldie publicly because they both met publicly in the Big Brother house.

‘I was not able to express all my feelings to Goldie in the house due to paranoia and I am ready to come and fight for a prize that is worth it and that will make me a real winner…’

Naija people, what do you think? Would you give out your girl to the Kenyan rapper? But was Prezzo playing a game or he actually fell in love?



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