The untold story of Team Nigeria athletes at the Olympics

At the London Olympics, Blessing Okagbare had a really bad time, recording her worst race in recent times. She capped the failure with a disappointing leap in the long jump, failing to qualify for the second round of an event she won the bronze medal at the Beijing Games four years ago.

Upon reviewing of the performance of Blessing and other athletes, it was gathered there was beef in the Team Nigeria athletics camp which might have affected their performance.

There were reports that all the other athletes in the team resent the preferential treatment Okagbare has been getting from the Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN) to the extent that they resolved to go just through the motions at the games.

‘’At the All Nigeria Championship in Calabar, Okagbare was housed in a five star hotel and provided with a chaffeur-driven car to the annoyance of the other athletes, who felt alienated by the AFN.

‘’Innocent Egbunike, who is the national coach, has been bottling his annoyance at the usurpation of his role by some big wigs in the AFN, who has taken over the training of Okagbare. At major events, no matter how highly rated an athlete is, she takes instructions from the national coach. But in Nigeria things are different. Here you see all sorts of private trainers working on Nigerian athletes and Egbunike is not pleased one bit.” an observer said.

“The other day, one of the athletes confronted the coach to find out what right Okagbare has to pick who runs what leg in the relay event. The coach had to manage that by assuring the girl that the list had not been drawn and that he is the only one to decide the format. That is a sign that even the relay team is on its way to lost battle.’’

Source: Guardian Nigeria

So, there you go, if you were wondering what went wrong with Team Nigeria at the Olympics!

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