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Is Kanye West Dropping D’banj From G.O.O.D Music?

According to news from the camp of D’banj, it seems all is not well between  Kanye West and the Koko master as the G.O.O.D Music boss is reportedly not happy with the split between D’banj and Don Jazzy.

Acoording to our sources, It is revealed that Kanye was never happy with the split between D’banj andDon Jazzy in early 2012.

We gathered that Kanye actually signed Don Jazzy to produce D’Banj for his record label, but with the split between them, it was no longer possible for Don Jazzy to perform his obligation of making ‘good’ beats for D’Banj.

Now that D’Banj took a step further to sign J-Sleek as his music producer, what sources in D’Banj’s camp reveal to industry sources is that Kanye is not pleased with J-Sleek’s production prowess and he sees D’Banj’s new collection of songs as weak.

The story rocking the music industry is that Kanye is disappointed at D’Banj as his initial quest of storming African music through the duo of former Mohits Records is has been defeated and D’Banj’s new singles are no near what convinced him to sign on the two African superstars.

There are indications that D’Banj may consider reconciling with Don Jazzy or lose his deal with G.O.O.D Music.

Though we couldn’t confirm if D’Banj would consider the first option as we were told that his (D’Banj) ego might be a big obstacle is making the first option become a reality.

Could it be the failure of the Koko Concert that’s causing this sudden stir?

What do you think?

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