Governors Must Sign Death Warrants – President Goodluck


President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday said state governors are compelled by law to sign death warrants, not minding how painful such an exercise could be.

The President spoke at this year’s Father’s Day service at Aso Villa, Abuja.

But he said that jail terms or capital punishment could be avoided if fathers play their role very well by enforcing discipline in their children.

He said: “No matter what you do, even if you show love and provide the needs of the family, if you don’t discipline your children, it is not good.

These days, because of modern life, discipline is almost gone. Discipline can be in various forms. In the states, it could be admonition. Magistrates can just admonish and allow offenders to go. From admonition to various forms of punishments, it could be imprisonment. The extreme is capital punishment.

If in the case of capital punishment, the state governors will sign. Even governors sometimes find it difficult to sign. I have been telling the governors that they must sign (death warrant), because that is the law. The work we are doing have a very sweet part and a very ugly part and we must perform both. No matter how painful it is, it is part of their responsibilities.”

According to him, parents need to enforce discipline so that their children would turn out to be good citizens and avoid social vices.

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