Neyll Reacts to His Eviction


In an interview session with the show host, IK Osakioduwa, Biguesas, who was too insensitive to notice Natasha’s interest even when she whispered into his ears and ran her fingers up and down his torso, said he had no idea that she so badly wanted to spend time with him in the rendezvous room.

He blamed his predicament on the switch from one house to the other. “The switch between houses made it difficult for me to open up, leading to the perception that I’m quiet,” he said.

But Neyll felt strongly about the eviction which has taken Angola completely out of the competition. Speaking in a phone interview from South Africa, Neyll told the show’s host that he was disappointed about the eviction. According to him, he was a victim of what has become known in the house as ‘save and replace decision,’ a system which allows the head of house to save a housemate who has been nominated for eviction by swapping them with one who has not been nominated.

In Neyll’s case, Ruby’s Head of house, Selly (Ghana), had sacrificed him for O’Neal (Botswana).

“I’m disappointed more by the fact that my mate, Biguesas, was also evicted, but it is okay. All my friends back home are waiting to welcome me back to Angola,” he said.

Asked what lessons he took home from the show, he said he had learnt the art of self-control and decision-making.

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