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Pictures From Pastor Kumuyi’s Son’s Wedding


John Kumuyi, the second son of Pastor William Kumuyi, took his heartthrob to the altar. The joyful ceremony was held on Saturday, 15 June at the Deeper Life Bible Church, after the traditional wedding.

John Kumuyi married Miss Love Odih, who is said to be the daughter of the National Overseer of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry in Jamaica and former State Overseer of the church in Cross River State, Nigeria.

Pastor Kumuyi, who wore an ash suit, attended the engagement and church wedding with his wife Esther, who wore traditional attire. The bridegroom wore a grey suit, while the bride was decked in flowing white gown with a veil to match.

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Written by OMG Tatafo

"Tatafo"ing is my life mission and commission.


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  1. Hy Nigerians, as we ave seen, i cnt c anything bad in ha dressing code, nd i did nt c ha wear earings, we dnt ave 2 gossip about d man of God, we ave 2 pray 4 him dat God wil continually give him d grace 2 continue in d way of d lord, we r nt 2 follow z footsteps, christ z our perfect example, nd d holy bible is dere 4 us 2 read nd follow d footsteps of christ nt dat of man

  2. If Pastor Kumuyi himself tells me another thing from what the Holy Spirit tells me to be true, then I wouldnt believe him. Understand why you believe what u biliv. I biliv d wedding gown isnt bad, but the jewelry??? Thats not modest enough. We dont even know what happened behind scene. Are u sure Pastor Kumuyi agreed to this? Jerry has 4eva been known 2 b trendy. My sister’s wedding was similar, but My Dad is a DLBC Pastor nd he made it clear dat his joy isnt full.

  3. wen it coms to weddn in DLBC, it is d leaders at d MC dat fostrate ppl nt my 1 n only pastor. I congratulate d couple.

  4. Happy married lyf, bt wat people r do z nt gud by gosipin, bt wat we av 2 do z dat we av 2 pray dat wat God wants 2 bring out 4rm d wedin, God should bring it out nd about d jewerry issue dat dey r sayin. how r pple sure dat it z so plz dont put curses on ur heads, i cnt find anytin wrong in d wedding ceremony @ TBBG

  5. Have u asked how other weddins in other gospel churches there are conducted? in d midst of flowing weddin gowns, isnt a short one moderate enough? is using a Limo for weddin as flamboyant over there as it is in our ssociety in Niaja? isnt it a common thing to use a limo there?

  6. f**k all you haters. leave them alone. did pastor kumuyi tell you not to wear wedding gown. you dont even know what happens in the church. ashiri; tufikwa

  7. Hope marriage comttees wil learn a lot, wedding is wedding infact congrtulations 2 d couple and be hapi wit those are hapi: but a real food of thought 2 some leaders and some marriage cmttee members who took it hard on many bretheren force them 2 leave d church uncremoniously and many sis could not get married til 2day bcos of hard stance. Wht do we then say 2 them? God show us mercy, believers lets rise up and pray 4 d church.

  8. This is women liberatn in deeper life. Right 4rm time, it is d women dat suffers d most cos she dresses like nigeria movie ghost while d men wear their clean suit.

    • My dear wat u said is true, dclm they like women 2 be cheated in d area of dressing during their wedding day ad i promise i wnt dress like that on my own wedding. I will dress like love john’s wife.

  9. All our brethren that wedded in an old fashion way hav nothing 2 loose, just take heart and appreciate God 4 evrithing. Infact ur wedding was of heaven standard and nothing 2 regret. My only pain is 4 many of our brethren who left d church unceremiously bcos of unnecessary displine by m. Committees and some leaders. And is good like that, we wil all learn frm this.

  10. let us b carfu wit our cments. Kumuyi only saw d cople on d alta,he ws nt in d dresin rom neither ws d 1 joini dem. Did u here 4rom him? Even if kumuyi acept dis, Jesus is my perfect exapl.i c notin 4rom wedin gown bt jewery n make ups, i wil neva concure

    • Happy married life 2 u john ad love, because i dnt c any evil in ur wedding ceremony u only spended ur money ad nothing more.

  11. DLBC marriage commitee go fuck urself and stop frustrating people. I hope u learm from this and stop judging.

  12. I want u all to remember that what God has put together let no man put asunder, if my eye re not deceiving me i can’t see ear rings, you guys shouldn’t do computer effects on this oo , n to the bride n groom d lord is UR strength

  13. happy fr d couples my bible z orderssss my step nd nt pst kumuyi,he z jst an instrumnt nd he has done hs bst d wedding z ook even d gawn bt natural beauty z perfect dan makeup…more kudos judge nt God z watching i bliv tinzzz happen fr a reason nt by chance…Prayer z d key

  14. Mind your comments on John’s wedding pictures or else you may end up implicating yourself before God. God remains the perfect and impartial Judge of every soul.

  15. John u deserve discipline for bringing d name of the. church 2 mud and d ministry ur father almost spill his blood 2 establish. worst of it all the church into d mouth of d whole asv a result of ur quest 4 pleasure. u are like a prodical son and need repentance.

    • To him that thinketh he stands let him take heed lest he falls,judge not. As the day is approaching,keep looking unto Jesus,the Author and Finisher of our faith. May our good Lord bless and keep the couple and be their strength,and help their weakness.

      • Browndy is dat a good name or a godly name ,kumuyi make a law dat when parent err dat children should be punish and when d children err d parent should be punish since d girl’s father is on suspension then kumuyi should resign as d GS, if he did not it will be sin on his head.

  16. This is beyond me. I cant believe my eyes and my ears. its really a pain after all.
    I only wish his actions are personal enough to affect him alone. But this acts affects the faith and doctrines of the church.
    Not in a time as this, when the world seem to be closing in. How can this be?
    I only encourage believers to hold on to their faith and not allow the actions of one man to affect our investments in Christ.
    He is very wrong to have done that. John is a mortal and thus has the tendency to sin.
    I cant imagine how my Pastor Kumuyi feels right now. May God console him and help his church from scattering in a time such as this

  17. Lets b focusd & avoid unecesry comment.Miriam bcame leprous bcz of her comment on Moses marriage.COME & SEE on 29-30 JUN

  18. John had done the wrong thing. But the church teachings and believer is unchanging in changing world. My God almighty strength His servant Pastor Kumuyi in this trial.

    The Church is marching on the gate of hell will never prevailed in Jesus name.

    The church still on love not the world and things thereof.

    Jesus is coming soon therefore if you are still living in sin repent today. This beginning of the expansion the church, is new dawn of revival.

  19. Do not be distracted,29-30th June are the days of moving mountains.COME AND SEE GOD in action.May the LORD be wth our GS

    • use ur tongues to the glory of God. Do not trouble the new couple. Above all they are not your standard but the Lord is. I love Deeper Life Bible Church, I love my GS, more fire daddy, Jesus remains king

  20. thank god 4evrytin. We wil undastand it when god wil brin it 2 our conciousness isuwa l barnabas zonkwa kaduna nigeria

  21. I fill dat all d pple wh are not hppy wth the wedding are jst so so jealous, we all know dat pastor himself is nt personally the one in charge of the MC. So he is no way at all to br blamed. He has be chosen frm God and no man can change it. I wish the couples. HAPPY MARRIED LIFE

  22. Well its not that bad we should correct them and stand by them not just. Be a judge as the boy in question has been suspended and he has apologised to the entire church and he as been forgiven so his father. As welcome him back and God has accepted him back

  23. beware of what you say against the man of GOD, remember Miriam in the bible.ur son can do worst than john kumuyi. who known 2mmorrow.

  24. intead of criticism of de wedn pra 4 de couple dey are mortals nd need God’s help 2 mk things aright and uphold them in their new union

  25. The whole world knows what Deeper Lif Bible Church Stand for dts why……
    John Kumuyi though being a son of G.S is nt mch reckoned wt spiritual acheivment, he is nt my mentor or model or example to be folowd, Despite d fact dt he is son of a G.S he can stil go to hell,
    John might be right in his view bt a DISPOINTMENT to many,
    By his grace, I’m a handsome young man wt quality Education and Single bt I wil neva be like John on my weddn day,
    I’v made up my mind to nevigate through the Ocean of ds World wt my Compass(BIBLE) so God help me. Amen
    Deeper Life Bible Church is my Church, whr I receivd Salvation tru Jesus Christ.

    • Of course, Jesus is d only example one should follow. Besides what makes you think you are better than him. Holier than thou- abeg go n sleep

  26. As we can c d pixs nothing is bad about it,pple,pastors is now we all ve 2 know that condemination is not what jesus christ has come 2 this world 2 do.LESSON. 4 all,allways do things with examming urself b/4 you out of ur palace.God will help every1 of us to inherit is kingdom.

  27. If you’ve ever witnessed wedding the the Deeper Life Church, you’ll know from this that these so-called men of God are fake. Members of the church are made to trash-gown with the cheapest white cloth, not even up to the cheap linen cloth. People who don’t know about that will see nothing wrong in this. What of the Limo? Men, let thou not be deceived by these men of God. If Kumuyi cannot bring up real God-fearing children, I wonder why he ask his members to sell of their television sets. These guys are worse than our politicians. They deceive their members to get what they can from the.

  28. If you’ve ever witnessed wedding in the Deeper Life Church, you’ll know from this that these so-called men of God are fake. Members of the church are made to wear trash-gown with the cheapest white cloth, not even up to the cheap linen cloth. People who don’t know about that will see nothing wrong in this. What of the Limo? Men, let thou not be deceived by these so-called men of God. If Kumuyi cannot bring up real God-fearing children, I wonder why he would ask his followers to sell off their television sets. These guys are worse than our politicians. They deceive their followers to get what they can from them.

  29. Mr Dniel Abu, it sems u knw so mny so cal men of God wth der sons very wel.. pls tel us moe of dat. B CAREFUL!GODIS~U

  30. Hmmm!. Well what has happened has happened there is no two ways about it just John made a great mistake and am not suprise because he is a mortal agent. If there can still be judas iscariot despite the present of our lord Jesus no doubt today because satan is in work. As a deeperlife youth i am, John’s action cant influence me despite his standard of belonging to a G.S. Family because we are on a race and everyone will give acount of his life. Lets mind our sayings over this issue and wish them hapy married life… My regard to my father in the lord PASTOR W.F KUMUYI, we are in suport of your 70’s doctrine and John cant change the axient land mark, maybe satan wants to use him to shake your ministry and consecration but shame unto him because the church of God will march on… But to my greatest suprise how i hard in media are different from what am seeing in there wedding pix. What of the make ups (ear ring etc) is not available there so pls mind ur sayings. Remain rapture till christ 2nd coming… Tnx…bekee ABA.

  31. my broda and sista, we are lossing our love one so much dure to some stupin act 4rm d boko aharam sett. Wat they shuld is dat, they have to sent security over dare to save piple and property. Or our courntry will be devid! GOD 4be dat

  32. This matter has grossly be exagerated. THERE IS A DIVINE PENALTY FOR SCANDAL AGAINST THE MAN OF GOD AND THE CHURCH OF GOD. Remember mirriam and moses, ananias and saphara. I use this medium to sound warning to every one to refrain and restrain from writing or speaking guile cos its consequencies are grevious and enormous. Dont allow yourself to be satan’s instrument to rubbish the robburst reputation of the holy church of God. …. Upon this rock (KUMUYI) i will build my church and the gate of hell shall not prevail against it.

  33. This is not an issue. Liberated couple. What has outward appearance got to do with serving God?

  34. Please we are not supposed to judge people, the Lord wants us to look holy inside and outside, heaven is for people who obey totally, but partial obedience is disobedience. Make up, weave on, nail fixing bangles are all properties from the devil and has denied a lot of faithful christians especially women into hell fire.
    The Lord is coming soon if you still harbor the property of the devil listed above,the devil will come to claim you.
    Let’s pray for the Deeper life bible church and the G.O’s son.
    Look at RCCG and MFM why can’t women emulate the G.O’s wifes.
    Repent the end is so very near God bless you amen.

  35. I am a dipalyfa and i c no reason y one mistake of my G.s son being a mortal should b used 2 judge the church pls we all have to mind what we comment nd we shld not judge instead we jxt hv 2 pray 4 God 2 grant them the grace 2 b more faithful..Cos dipalyf is 1 churches that preach sound doctrine..AM PROUD TO BE A DEEPERLIFER

  36. Let us nt judge one another. bt at my own view dey dnt need 2 go to dat extent bcus d lady s coming 2 DLBC so dey can stil changed d women.

  37. Children must grow to find and know the Lord by themselves and for themselves, not by the values of the parents. The law has never changed anything, it is the law that brought sin. this young people are just expressing what they they believe and not what their parents believe in. they are adults and should be allowed to make their own decisions. At least, the were not naked, they where descent, these things are bound to happen, Pastor Kumuyi is a true man of God no doubt but please, let them be.

  38. Edikan Bassey this is the devil at work. As believers we need to be careful and never think of immitating the world. As for my daddy,PST. W.F.Kumuyi God be with u always. I am proud to be a deeperlife. To the gossipers out there repent

  39. I’m a proud member of DEEPER LIFE though the GS son may do contrary to the church doctrine, mine will not be like that.

  40. Hi Fwends..Pls judge no more bcos God’Gad is the ultimate and supreme judge.he will judge us all,ok let me ask u a Question! U chief judgers…are u pure and Holy?u cannot be bcos it takes the Grace of God to overcome sin and Temptation as flesh.pls once again stop speaking Negative words against the Man of God his Son and Wife I beg tou.. to Avoid the Wrath of the Most High God,BEWARNED. Am from Assemblies of Port Harcourt.

  41. Let us al folow d truth of d bible.. As 4 me o! Ma own iz dat God wil surely strengthen ma dady in d lord{kumuyi}nd also giv him d grace to stand despite any trials… D lord is ur strength.. Am proud to b a daughta of d D.L.B.C nd alxo of DADY KUMUYI

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