I Don’t Regret All I Said at The Chase” – Beverly Osu


Two days ago, Beverly Osu and Melvin Oduah (Nigerian housemates at the just concluded #BBATheChase) had a press conference at Protea Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Beverly Osu on recounting her personal experiences in the Big Brother House disclosed thus:

“I did not have s*x in the House. I had a relationship with Angelo Collins but we did not have s*x. I loved him and I still love him. I am a blunt person and very real. People that knew me before BBA know that I don’t pretend to be who I am. If it happens, you fall in love, you can’t fake it. I did not have s*x with Angelo.

I was under the bathtub, but we never had s*x. Maybe, the camera made it look so. Everybody gets naked to have their bath, so I don’t think it is wrong for me to be naked when I have my bath too. There was no way. I couldn’t be different because I went for a reality show. So, I should not be judged by what people saw during the show since I didn’t intentionally bring out my video for all to see. Big brother did that.

I don’t feel happy about it because this is the first time, I represented the country in any continental competition. But the fact remains that if you didn’t go for it, you wouldn’t know how it is in the House. I wasn’t there with my cell phone to be able to communicate with the outside world. I was just there alone.
I’m sorry for embarrassing my country. I didn’t do it intentionally. My participation in the show was not to embarrass my country. I am a proud Nigerian.

Melvin on the other hand had this to say:

On the experience

Considering that I and Beverly were chosen to represent the country and the fact that we were in the House from the beginning to the end, made our participation in the show remarkable. There are a lot of people who don’t know anything about Big Brother. For me, I learned a lot of things while in the House.

My journey

I contested for 2009 Gulder Ultimate Search, and I emerged the first runner up.
I contested for Mr Nigeria in 2011 and again, I finished as the first runner up.
Now, I contested for Big Brother Africa-The Chase and also finished in the fourth position. But I am not The Chase.
I think we can also take time to look at the positive side of the show. It is not easy to participate in these major competitions and making to the finals. So, I think I should be given some credit.
It is also painful when you have worked so hard to make it to the finals, only to miss winning the ultimate price.

His future plans

I’m taking my acting career to the next level.

Winning strategy

Before I was chosen to represent my country, I was regularly asked what winning strategy I would adopt while in the House. I kept repeating the same thing “I was going to be myself and nothing else. The Melvin you meet in real life was the same Melvin you watched in the Big Brother House. Nothing about me was unreal or done to make people like me or hate me. I thank Nigerians for voting for me . I will always be a proud ambassador of the country.

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