Update On ChildNotBride: Are The Petitions In Vain?


Ever since the Child Marriage thing went viral, everybody in Nigeria and beyond have been trying so hard to show their disapproval of this act.

Stephanie Okereke-Linus, and Nollywood icon Liz Benson have collaborated in what is no doubt going to be one of the “must-see” movies of the year, several short video clips by various child right groups has been made within the period of the protest but none is yet to yield the expected result.

This crusade has come in form of petitions. This past weekend, people were given an opportunity to sign petitions against child marriage in Nigeria. While some jumped on the chance to show their stand on the issue, some others held back and argued the basis of signing petitions over a misunderstanding of an aspect of the constitution. Also, quite a few were neither here nor there. One recurring decimal, however, was that generally people in all groups agreed that every child deserved a chance at being a child.

According to

For such a petition to stand up legally, the text of the proposed initiative must conform with prevailing laws. Many activists get lawyers and experienced legal authorities to draft the text to ensure that the initiative would be both legal and effective if passed.

Again, there was the issue of polarization. A petition sounded quite adversarial. It created a “we versus them” scenario, leading people to make disparaging comments either for or against. Again, bearing in mind that the issue seemed to be Section 29(4)b.

However, petitions have been signed. For a fact, one good thing the petition signing has achieved is putting the issue of #ChildNotBride in the front burner, everyone is talking about it. Also, the petitions have led most social media savvy Nigerians to take a greater interest in the constitution. It has also thrown up the issue of the inconsistencies in our constitution.

Indeed till this period nothing has been done aside what many Nigerians still beleives as paper signing.

What do you think?

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