Pokello’s Family React to Claims of Snubbing Elikem


Few hours after the story broke that Pokello’s father snubbed Elikem during his visit to Pokello’s family in Zimbabwe, fans of the two lovebirds began reacting on Twitter, questioning the credibility of the story.

One of Pokello’s relative who goes by the name Makazii hurriedly uploaded an exclusive picture that she claimed was taken during Elikem’s visit to the family house and according to our investigation, the man in the picture does not look like the picture of Pokello’s father in circulation on the internet.

Pokello in her reaction on Twitter confirmed that Elikem actually met her entire family. In her words, “he (Elikem) met my entire family.” But she did not debunk or reaffirm the fact that her father either snubbed or embraced the idea of both of them getting involved in a romantic relationship.

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Written by OMG Tatafo

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