Laura Ikeji Disses Emma Collins For Blogging About Her Shopping Spree


Laura Ikeji is Linda Ikeji’s junior sister and while her sister may be comic, Laura doesn’t play when dishing out insults. This time it is Emmy Collins.Emmy Collins blasted her on his blog and it had nothing to do with fashion. According to him “She bragged on instagram about what she and her sis (linda) bought with price tags.

Read his writeup and Laura’s venomous replies

By Emmy Collins

When I received a link to a certain tweet which Laura ikeji had apparently tweeted, I thought someone was simply sending me on a wild goose chase and so I ignored them all throughout last week. I again received the link this week and decided to check it out and when I did check out her twitter page, I was gobsmacked.

She even posted an invoice of her sister’s purchases from Dubai.In fact that was the first time ever I had heard of someone posting an invoice online to prove the price of an item.That was a new one to me for real. This is proof that some people will always remain poor regardless of how much money they acquire. It is called a poverty mentality.

In Nigeria of today where a huge percentage of people are unsure of where their next meal will come from, this chic thinks this is something worth posting online.I understand that she or her sisters don’t contribute to the hunger that is rife in our country but this is highly insensitive and depicts bushwomanism/mgbekeism.

Anyway, please find below a few of Laura Ikeji`s tweets below.My question though is what planet did this this babe fly down from?Whatttttt? Couldn`t her sister Linda have instructed her to delete some of the tweets or did she get the green light from big sister?

The Price tags and the bags

Miu Miu hand bag. Really nice N285k this is officially Linda’s cheapest bag. Me likey. #hellodubai

Prada Milano bag. Exact prize no inflation. N770k (seven hundred n seventy thousand naira only) Hello Dubai Linda Ikeji is here. #hellomoneylindaikejiisherelol

Hello money @lindaikeji is here. My sister just spent 10k dollars on 2 bags. Fendi and prada. Dubai una try.

hellomoneylindaikejiishere dis lady is buying things in thousands of dollars n payn cash. #nowLB

Hello money Linda Ikeji is here. Fendi wristwatch Amount=$4400, Naija money N720k

Fendi hand bag exact amount no inflation o. N520k #hellomoneylindaikejiishere #hellodubai #dubaimall

YSL red shoe, exact prize N110k #hellomoneylindaikejiishere #hellodubai

Casadei shoes N145k and Alexander macqueen yellow bag N438k.. Grand!!!!! #hellodubailindaikejiishere

Dubai mall. Too many great stuff to buy. This chick ain’t going to the local market man. No fake…

And she’s paying cash!! Over 1 million naira in cash dang man.

After a long day… My Dress is original Herve leger dress lol. #herveleger #m3riss #tired #lovetodressup

Does she belong to the winners or should we condemn her to a permanent stay at the loser’s kingdom?
Just this time,I beg you guys to keep your eyes on the ball here but if you decide to call this hating or jealousy then you are absolutely welcome to do so.And oh,did I mention that I will gladly queue up to offer modelling job to Laura based on this image.Ok,that was tongue in cheek,hehe.

She mentioned that big sis bought her a PRADA bag or something.This babe and prada shouldn`t even be mentioned in same sentence.Kai,Prada don suffer o





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