Celebs party hard at Gulder Ultimate Club Opening Bash – Pictures

The Ultimate cruise liner

Over the weekend, Lagos held several mega fiestas but the Gulder Ultimate Club grand opening was an event to remember, it spanned over two days with free food, booze, music, pretty ladies and capable guys trooping in and out of the cruiser boat (Strictly by I.V)

The organizers of the events speculated that the event may have gulped over N150,000,000 (no be small thing)

The Celebrities

Kunle Afolayan

We heard that, Kunle Afolayan had a swell time with friends and few minutes into the events he became a little tipsy and he spoke few words to his friends(unknown) on the VIP stand (he screamed words like iya e! iya e!. well he was joking after all) He refused to mount the VIP stand reserved for him all through the event and mingled with his friends within the popular arena.

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