Kanye Curses Out Two DJ’s For 4minutes Because They Called Him “egotistical”

Pic credit: Tumblr

Pic credit: Tumblr

After vowing not to be insultive for atleast 6 months, Kanye bowed to pressure during his Yeezus concert in Pennsylvania on Thursday he stopped rapping so he could rant about two DJs – Charlamagne of The Breakfast Club and Sway of Sway In The Morning – that had called him ‘egotistical’ during their shows.

He said while pacing and screaming at the top of his voice:

You tryin’ to make a joke out of what we do?’What the f*ck do you do?… What have you done with your motherfukin’ life?’Stop that sh*t – this is what the f*ck I’m talking about. Ten years of this sh*t. if I go to your radio interview then shut the fuckup..We in the studio every night. We get up at 5 am, we write nice sh*t, working hard on that sh*t, this ain’t no joke…

‘We think about nobody, we think about Shakespeare, we think about Beethoven, what can we make for y’all, what u playin’ in y’all way to school on y’all way to work. What can we make to y’all feel better?You tryin’ to make a joke out of what we do?. ‘What the f*ck do u do?
They gonna say I’m screaming – let, me say it in a nice tone so you don’t think I’m upset.’
Anybody who… what have you done with ur motherfuckin life, Charlamagne, Sway? Fuck you d**ks.’I am Yeezus.’That was the intermission now I will continue with the show.’

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