Top 10 Churches Owned By African Pastors

Winners Chapel ( Nigeria)

winners chpel

Winners’ Chapel is a mega church founded by Bishop Oyedepo in 1981. By the middle of 1999 the church attendance had grown to 75,000 people in a single service. The international headquarters covers about 70 acres (280,000m sq) built in a church complex that spans 7,000 acres (28,000 sq kms). Winners’ Chapel runs 10 secondary schools and 50 primary school, with the inclusion of Covenant University that was voted the best university in 2005 in Nigeria and has a capacity of 7000 students. An annual amount of $7,000,000 (Seven million dollars) is administered in scholarships for education up to first degree level to church members through the David Oyedepo Scholarship Scheme and channelled through the Satellite Fellowships where membership is validated.

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