Do You think The #Bringbackourgirls Tag Can do The Magic?

Looking at this from another angle, one can be forced to say that using the hashtag #bringbackourgirls is a waste of time.

The “Bring back our girls” campaign on social media reeks of stupidity and insensitivity on our side.

Like fashion, Our Celebrities and their worshippers(you) have taken to the#bring back our girls rave.

They have condemned Boko Haram in the corner of their houses, shot videos and taking pictures, in the process and winning public approval(gaining popularity). Our naive social media community have followed suit.

Let us take time to answer these questions.

How many of this twitter activists have visited the parents of the girls and offered their so called love?

How many of this futile campaigns can change Boko Haram?

But we are fast to selfishly say ‘Bring back our girls’. Why don’t you go and bring them? Be the change you preach, grab a gun and head to Sambisa

If you can’t pray , stop giving Boko Haram the needed publicity…

What can you say about this, will it work?

What do you think?

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  1. Your whole statement speak high volume of insentivity. Am no fan of the hashtag but it has gone a long way to summarise our frustration in one word. It has also drawn the larger society 2 us – nt 4 popularity sake bt 4 concern @ d poor situation of tinz. You cnt just pick a gun nd head straight 2 d forest neither can d hashtag users or just anyone. We hope d girls ar brought bac, peace is restored nd d hashtag makes it relevant history. Peace!

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