Checkout The Top 10 Nigerian Male Celebrities With The Hottest Bodies For 2014

If you are a boss lady and your favourite celebrity doesn’t make this countdown, then you need to switch lane ASAP!

Here are the top 10 male celebrities with the Hottest Bodies for 2014.


Some fans refer to him as the hottest man who ever walked the face of the earth. He is very fashionable and
his looks, swag and music have proven to us over and over again that he indeed is one of the hottest in Nigeria.

You only need to watch him perform and how the ladies go wild when they see him to understand the kind of
impact he has.


The very popular Nigerian musical twins, P Square have managed to steal our hearts with their perfect looks, ever amazing music and their well-coordinated voices and dance moves.

They are the living definition of sexy
without a doubt. They earned more recognition internationally after their hit collaborations with international superstars Rick Ross and Akon.


The dimpled and cheeky singer is sure a force to reckon with both musically and based on his looks. He is so pleasant to watch and look at especially when performing on stage.

He has charmed his way up the charts and is among the best Nigerian musicians with his chart topping single ‘Aye’. He definitely is hot and his swag is non-comparable.


The Oreo crooner is known for his sexy looks, dance moves and songs.

He is very smooth and stylish. He is well known for his abs which are always left for our viewing on his videos and he sure knows how to keep us locked.

He is extremely good looking, and indeed deserves a spot on this list of the hottest Nigerian Men.


Versatile artiste D’banj has indeed won so many accolades in Nigeria and even Africa.

Undoubtedly, ladies go gaga crazy for this man because of his hot looks.

His success speaks for itself and he has been nominated for many awards both nationally and internationally.


He is without doubt one of the hottest and best musical producers in Nigeria and the whole of Africa.

Every artist wants to work with him since he is a guaranteed hit maker and one who has earned the respect of many. His success speaks for itself and he has been nominated for many awards both nationally and internationally.


The Nigerian superstar is most definitely charming and incredibly hot. He has steadily risen through the music industry through hard work and dedication.

He is a crowd puller and has won awards and received recognition and nominations in Nigeria and other parts of the world.


The Nigerian actor is adorable and is also adored in equal measures by his fans.

He is respected and loved and would definitely have to earn a spot here as well. His reality show Jim Iyke Unscripted has only earned him more hearts and expanded his fan base. He is talented, witty, funny and very entertaining.

He is versatile in his work and indeed he is hot!


This R&B star is smooth and the dude is definitely a charmer.

He has a way of getting to the ladies hearts, eyes and minds effortlessly. His vocals are soothing and his music is very appealing. He is stunning and sensual and his fashion sense is on point.


One of the most respected and talented artists in Nigeria, Tubaba or 2Baba is not a newcomer to the music
industry. He has been around for quite some time and is still very relevant in the music industry. If anything he only got better at singing, production and songwriting.

His song ‘African Queen’ was a massive hit that earned him audiences worldwide and gave the African woman and the aspect of her beauty a lot of recognition. He has recently collaborated with T Pain in his single titled ‘Rainbow’ and he remains sizzling hot there is no question about that!

Culled From: BuzzNigeria

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  1. In one of your episodes, you all stetad that none of the good guys have non-US dialects, but what about Obi Wan one of the core good guys is distinctly British. Interesting theory you put out there, but Obi Wan pierces it.

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