The 10 most anticipated Nigerian albums of 2015

2015 feels like a promising year for Nigerian music. Expect the competition to be as tight among Nigerian artistes more than ever. With a chunk of albums scheduled to drop this year, Pulse Music has outlined the ten most anticipated music albums. Take a look at our list below;


1) Untitled by Davido – Davido had a hot run in 2014 which obviously leads to the release of his second album this year. It’s a straight fact that Davido’s sophomore effort is highly anticipated. With the success of the hypnotic ‘Skelewu’, the charming ‘Aye’, and the cool and brilliant ‘Owo Ni Koko’, Davido’s second album is set up to be a beastly LP. The sophomore slump looks far from the pop trust fund kid. With an army of song writers and producers, Davido looks ready to surpass the success of his first album.

Pre-released singles – ‘Gobe’, ‘One Of A Kind’ ‘Skelewu’, ‘Aye’, ‘Tchelete’ featuring Mafikizolo, ‘Naughty’ featuring DJ Arafat, ‘Owo Ni Koko’.

Release Date – April 2015.



2) Untitled by Wizkid – Wizkid’s ‘Ayo‘ album was received with mixed reviews. This didn’t stop Wizzy Eleniyan from dropping four hit singles from his second solo LP. Now free of his EME contract, the hardworking diminutive pop star is planning on releasing a new album under his Star Boy imprint. The demand for Wizkid’s music is still at an all time high, even though the standard has slightly fallen of. With a more international set-up on his third album, fans are eagerly waiting to hear him sing along with his international friends.

Pre-released singles – None

Release Date – 2015



3) Untitled by Patoranking – Last year’s Next Rated act is one of the hottest acts out presently. After dominating the previous year, Patoranking is geared up to release his debut album which if being modest can be tagged as ‘highly anticipated’. Considering the fact that a bonafide dancehall album hasn’t been released since Shank‘s debut effort ‘King Kong‘ in 2009, there is pressure on Patoranking to deliver. Having caught the attention of Nigerians with his attractive patois delivery, Patoranking’s debut will prove if he is here to stay.

Pre-released singles – ‘Alubarika’, ‘Girlie O’, ‘Girlie O’ Remix featuring Tiwa Savage, ‘Happy Day’, ‘Daniella Whine’

Release Date – April 2015



4) Untitled by Wande Coal – For some reason, Wande Coal inexplicably didn’t drop his second album (yes second album!) in 2014 despite having the club banger ‘Baby Hello’, and the super collaboration (unfortunately not pushed) with Burna Boy ‘A Mo Rawa’. Well, we hope he has a made a New Year resolution to drop his oft-delayed sophomore LP. As a sign of encouragement he has released a new single ‘Aiye Dun’ featuring Skuki. We hope this leads to the second album. Fans of Wande Coal are still eagerly waiting his second album, even though it’s been seven years.

Pre-released singles – ‘Baby Hello’, ‘A Mo Rawa’ featuring Burna Boy, ‘Aiye Dun’.

Release Date – 2015

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5) Baba Hafusa by Reminisce– There is nothing as hot as rapping in your native tongue right now. With Olamide and Phyno dropping albums in 2014, the spotlights returns to the one known on the streets as ‘Alaga Ibile’. After scoring two endorsement deals, and a hit single ‘Tesojue’ in 2014, Reminisce has the firepower to drop one of the hottest albums in 2015. Having just wrapped a collaboration with Olamide and Phyno, Reminisce’s third album feels like it is going to have major bangers. Titled ‘Baba Hafusa’, this album might be the one to finally solidify Reminisce among Nigeria’s biggest stars.

Pre-released single – ‘Tesojue’

Release Date – 2015.


6) Untitled by Skales – The rejected stone of Empire Mates Entertainment, scored one of the biggest hits of 2014 making him one of the hottest acts. Finally free of Wizkid’s larger-than-life shadow, Skales is now one of the most exciting pop artistes in Nigeria. With a well-financed record label supporting him, Skales is presently working on his debut album that at some point felt it would never see the light of day. Skales has been heading for a Grammy for a minute, we hope he gets it right on his delayed debut.

Pre-released single – ‘Shake Body’, ‘Give It To Me’

Release Date – 2015



7) 1960 by Eva – Fortunately or unfortunately Eva is the only relevant female rapper now. After grabbing our attention with her clench-teeth flow on Cartiair’s ‘Owo Ati Swagger’ remix, she has managed to remain relevant and visible for six years. She was even nominated in the Next Rated category at the 2012 Headies, losing out to Davido. Even though she announced that her debut album ‘1960’ will be dropping on January 14, we still believe that Eva’s debut will come out this year. With emotional and rebellious singles, rap music needs more of Eva in the game.

Pre-released single – ‘High’, ‘Lights Out’, ‘Deaf’, ‘Shuga’.

Release Date – January 14, 2015



8) 2 Kings by Olamide and Phyno – The 5&6 of the Nigerian rap game have monopolized the rap scene since in 2013, after their (future) classic mega collabo ‘Ghost Mode’ bum rushed everyone in 2013. Since then Olamide and Phyno have moved in tandem, not missing a beat. Naturally the game demands that they drop a full collaboration album. After hinting about the idea for a while, both rappers have confirmed that the album ‘2 Kings’ will hit shelves in 2015. Based on their track record alone, this LP is highly anticpated.

Pre-released single – None

Release Date – 2015



9) Untitled by Seyi Shay – The sexy (sometimes quirky) female singer is the last in the batch of the trifecta of female pop singers (Tiwa Savage, Yemi Alade) to drop an album. With ‘Murda’ featuring Shaydee & Patoranking, and ‘Crazy’ featuring Wizkid becoming radio mainstays in 2014, Seyi Shay must drop an LP this year to guarantee her spot as one of the hottest female acts in the country. Most likely she will, which will help expand the market share of female acts in the country.

Pre-released single – ‘Irawo’, ‘Chante’, ‘Killing Me Softly’ featuring Timaya, ‘Chairman’ featuring KCee, ‘Ragga, Ragga’, ‘Murda’ featuring Shaydee & Patoranking, ‘Crazy’ featuring Wizkid.

Release Date – 2015



10) Powerful by IllblissIlly has to be one of the most underrated rappers in the country. This is a rapper who jumped on the Igbo trend five years before Phyno. And speaking of Phyno, didn’t the world first get a glimpse of him on ‘Anam Achi Kwanu’? The pioneer is aiming for his third successful album in 2015. With the dope and berserk single ‘Bank Alerts’ in rotation, IllBliss’ third coming out is anticipated among lovers of Hip Hop who know the veteran’s pedigree.

Pre-released single – ‘WTF’, ‘Bank Alerts’

Release Date – January 2015

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