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Ghanian Actor Van Vicker delves into music …


After years of acting and promoting the Ghana movie industry, award winning actor and movie producer, Van Vicker has revealed the music terrain is his next setting. Speaking recently in an interview with Modern Ghana, the One Night In Vegas actor said:

‎‘I have chosen music now because I think I have done much for the movie industry, with my Van Vicker training facility ; being a producer and a director as well- so time to contribute to the music industry as well.’

When asked what genre of music he would be promoting, the actor added:

‘Any genre that can catch the international eye, ‘I am looking at discovering a talent for the international market, it doesn’t matter if is hip-life, gospel, raggae, etc, what matters is real talent.’

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  1. How SWEET!!! They’ve been together since high scohol, I pray that they grow old together inspite of what fame/fortune can sometimes do to marriages. I certainly prefer Majid’s acting to Van Vicker’s. Majid is very passionate, he gives it 100% and he’s willing to get down and dirty. Van on the other hand is always playing cute, he is not convincing to ME PERSONALLY, he’s a great to look at but that’s about it because once he opens his mouth, I am so over him. In person, he’s sweet but he just is not a good actor.

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