Revealed: Rita Dominic, Mildred Okoh, Segun Arinze , Behind Anti-Buhari Documentary-NFR Investigation.

anti-buhari-producers-rita-dominicThe various attempts to demonize Buhari by a bunch of conspiracists especially the makers of anti -Buhari Documentary may backfire on 14th of Feb. 2015. The doomsday documentary on Buhari, produced by one Mildred Oko, Rita Dominic, Segun Arinze and other Nollywood Movie practitioners, has made Buhari more popular than ever. An insider who worked hand in hand with them gave me names of all the Nollywood actors who took part in the making of Anti Buhari documentary.  The plan to go ahead with Anti-Buhari documentary was hatched by a group of Creative Professionals that Segun Arinze leads. The main producer is Mildred Oko, a one time Genevieve Nnaji’s manager, now partner of Rita Dominic.   Since I don’t engage in speculative writings, I won’t mention all the names of those I have not verified their direct involvement. How these so-called Professional  Nollywood Movie practitioners  could brazenly betray their fans and engage in such a lowly act in their misguided attempt to support Jonathan is shameful.

Personally, I don’t see anything wrong on the part of these our home movie makers to produce a documentary in Praise of Jonathan. The man is the only President in Nigerian history, apart from Ibrahim Babangida who has done some much for the Movie industry in the last six years. What is obviously below decency is their over zealous portrayal of Buhari as a man not fit to rule Nigeria. The walls have ears; Nigerians both home and overseas know that these actors, spend more time cozying around Aso rock than they do on movie sets.

In 1998, I was there as a 1st Vice Chairman and directly in charge of Lagos PMAN when my colleagues took money from Aso Rock to participate in Abacha two million peoples March in Abuja. Back then, musicians were the famous faces out there. I have said this over and over that Onyeka Onwenu and late Christy Essien Igbokwe, who led other notable musicians to Abuja, never recovered fully after eating late Sanni Abacha’s money to this day. What these Nollywood actors are doing today is reminiscent of what some of our musicians did back then. I know Jonathan is a much decent man compared to late Abacha, however; this documentary on Buhari falls outside the bounds of acceptable professional behavior by men and women who claim they are actors.

I find it hard to keep mute seeing all the mudslinging and image bashing going on, barely few days to the election.
Folks are no more talking about issues, their focus now is on Buhari’s age or Jonathan’s drinking habits. Grossly unenlightened folks are quick to tell you how old you are, regrettably, they never lived long enough to experience what old age means. Assuming Buhari wins the next election, he won’t be the oldest man ever to rule a nation. Do a little research on late Nelson Mandela and Ronald Reagan, Buhari may not be the first or the last. Stop using people’s age to blackmail them, if you want to live and enjoy old age.

The anti documentary on Buhari is akin to the same campaign of calumny embarked upon by a group of conservatives to destroy then Senator Barrack Obama. We saw this same campaign to inject fears on Nigerian voters in the same playbook of the birthers, who disputed Obama’s birth place to this day. Even when they vociferously forced Obama to present his birth- certificate, the birthers said, the document he presented was fake.

A very loud mouth called Donald Trump started another campaign on Obama’s credentials. He told a very shocked audience that Obama forged all is credentials. The most disgusting part was when Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh were able to use their media power to convince millions of Americans that Obama is a Muslim. They said the man will Islamize America. Those who used everything at their disposal to hit the man only fired up his base to come out to vote for him. I was there in Washington DC to headline one of his Inaugural balls in 2009. Today, Barrack Obama is being projected to become the best President to rule the United States of America!

In six years of Jonathan’s regime, individual actors have become millionaires, not through acting, but by waiting to share monies given to them by Jonathan’s administration for their continued supports. The movie industry, in general, is dead, despite the fact that World bank approved billions of dollars for the entertainment industry. So how come with all the supports given to Nollywood by Jonathan’s administration, the movie industry is still in a state of coma?

The outcome of this oncoming election will be a referendum on President Goodluck Jonathan. If the man ruled our nation well in the last six years, the masses would return him back to Aso Rock. On the other hand, if he had nothing to offer our country in the last six years, tribal and religious sentiments will not stop him from losing this election.

The election in Nigeria is only nine days away, vote wisely.


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