Cristiano Ronaldo saved my life, confesses best friend & footballer, Semedo

30 years old Sheffield Wednesday midfielder Jose Semedo admits his career and life would have been over by now if it weren’t for superstar footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. The Real Madrid player and Semedo were once players at Sporting Lisbon’s academy and he would have been booted out of the academy had Ronaldo not intervened.The club wanted to axe the midfielder at the time but Ronaldo told the club if they axed the player they would have to axe him too, leading the club to change their mind.
Speaking to The Times,Semedo said : “He said they could put an extra bed in his room and that we could share a cupboard for his clothes. He said that if I went, he would too. I owe everything I have to him. The place I am from in Setubal is not a good place for a young man. A lot of my friends from there were involved in crime. Some of them are dead now, or in jail. If I had gone back, maybe I would have stolen cars with them. He changed my life. My family, my children, my career: it is all because of him.”

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