What Nike Peller, Yinka Quadri, Bayowa, Muyiwa Ademola, Mercy Aigbe and others said at Henrietta Kosoko’s burial


A few weeks ago, actress Henrietta Kosoko idea in a Lagos hospital.
Her colleagues in the industry in this new interview with Encomium, have now recounted her last moments with them.
‘She maintained a very good and cordial relationship with everybody in the industry’
“Aunty Henrietta Kosoko was a nice colleague. She was a cheerful giver. With the little she had, she always looked for whom to share it with. I really loved her but God loves her the more. We’re very cordial and that’s how she was to almost everybody in the industry. Her death was a shock to me; I couldn’t even believe it because we spoke a few days to her death. She even asked me to buy original honey for her when I told her I was going to Iseyin, in Oyo State which I did and was delivered to her. She paid N4,000 for the honey, and that’s on Sunday, a day prior to her death. That’s why I was shocked when I heard she passed on. She was so nice and will be missed by everybody in the industry. May her soul rest in peace.”

‘She lived as if she knew she was going to die young’
“Henrietta’s death is painful and incredible. She was a very nice and respectful woman. She was always there for everybody around her. She so much respected all of us who are her husband’s friends. She lived like a traveller in transit, as if there would be no tomorrow. She always tried to contribute to other people’s lives and careers. She was so nice a woman. The industry as a whole has lost a gem and will be missed by all.”

‘I can’t believe Henrietta is gone’ -YINKA QUADRI
“I was shocked when I received the news of her death. It’s even difficult for me to tell others because I couldn’t believe she’s gone. She was a fantastic woman and a very good actress. The industry, especially Yoruba movie sector has lost yet another good hand. May her soul rest in perfect peace. And I pray Almighty Allah grants her husband, Uncle Jide Kosoko the fortitude to bear the irreplaceable loss.”

‘Henrietta’s death was a big loss’-BAYOWA
“No doubt, her death was a big loss, not only to Jide Kosoko’s family or her family, but to all of us in the industry. But we thank God for her. She lived a good life. Her years as an actress were very eventful, and everybody loved her. May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace. And I pray God will grant Prince Jide Kosoko and those she left behind the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss.”

‘She was always there for me’ – JAIYE KUTI
“She was such a wonderful woman. She’s my friend. I started the Yoruba ANTP with her group. The first day she saw me, she said she liked me. She’s a wonderful person to me, friendly, accommodating, words can’t just express her nature. We were friends, on the long run we became a family. She was always there for me. I remember my sister’s wedding, she was the chairperson. At my father’s burial, she was there. Most of the things I did, she’s always there for me. I didn’t do things without her. I don’t just know how to describe her. She’s too good to me.
When I got the news of her death, I thought it was a rumour. I had to drive all the way from Owode, Ogun State to her house in Bariga, Lagos to find out that is she was truly dead. After I had confirmed the news, I almost fainted because it’s a shock to me. This was a woman I saw two weeks ago. We were at a party. Hearing the news of her death was shocking. People don’t just die like that. But in every situation, we just have to thank God. I will really miss her laughter. All she did was to laugh. She’s down to earth. She didn’t hide her feelings. She’s just wonderful.”

‘She talked to everyone like a mother and a friend’ – MUYIWA ADEMOLA
It’s just very shocking to hear of Aunty Henrietta’s death. It’s something we never expected for 20 – 30 years to come. It’s so sad and devastating. I was shocked and for hours, I kept thinking if it could be true? I put a call through to Sola Kosoko and Uncle Jide Kosoko and he confirmed that she’s truly dead. It still looks like a movie to me, probably she would wake up and tell everybody she’s alive. I will miss her mother care, love and her role in people’s lives, especially in my life. She talked to everyone like a mother and a friend. She was just so wonderful. Anytime she saw you, you would hear words like Awon omo mi nko? Bawo ni? Iyawo e nko? Aburo nko? Bawo ni ise? Igbawo lo fe se film? Emura si oo… You know, all that motherly care is what people will miss most about her. Her husband was the past president of our association (ANTP). He’s a veteran actor. He’s an icon and I pray God will give him the grace to bear the loss. Madam Henrietta was just a great woman. Everyone would miss her.

‘I will give my best to keep her legacy’ – MERCY AIGBE
Mrs. Henrietta Kosoko was my senior colleague. She’s more than just a colleague, she’s my big aunty. We were very close. She advised me on some personal issues, she encouraged me. She’s just a wonderful person, I must say. It is so painful losing someone great like Henrietta Kosoko. When I heard the news, I was shocked. I didn’t believe it was real until I got there. This is really sad, it’s touching. I feel bad about her death. I just pray the Lord God grant her family the fortitude to bear the loss. May the Lord’s protection be upon the young ones she left behind.
She’s such a fantastic actress. I had the opportunity to work with her on some movies and she also featured in one of my flicks entitled Osas. She played the role of my mom in the movie. We went to Benin and shot some part of the movie. She’s just pretty wonderful, accommodating and understanding. So painful that she’s no more. Aunty Henrietta, we all loved you but God loves you the most. In my own little way, I will give my best in making her legacy remain alive. She stood for good job, good production. So, I will try to protect what she stood for. I will give my all to the family.

‘She was amiable and loving’ -RIKARDO AGBOR
“Henrietta was very amiable and loving. She was also very professional in terms of her career. Her death was really shocking. I think one thing we really need in the industry is that kind of comradeship and getting to know about everybody. I think she was diabetic. Maybe if she had shared this with few people, she might be counseled on what to do and what not to do. No one is an island of knowledge.
But in all, God knows best. Henrietta was a fantastic actress and she has left a vacuum. But as the tradition of the industry demands, nothing is ever left open for too long. There’s always somebody, but for you to have somebody of her quality, it may take a while. But I think God is awesome, and I will always want to leave that to Him.”

‘We should start to check on ourselves’ – REMI SURUTU
She’s peaceful and wonderful. As a colleague, I never saw her upset. She was my friend. It’s just a rude shock to everyone. I wasn’t expecting Henrietta to just die like that. It remains a rude shock to everyone. When I saw it online, I didn’t believe it. I said they must be joking. I thought it was just a rumour. I never even thought about it until I started receiving calls from friends about her death. It’s just a big loss to the industry. It’s very sad because her children are still very young. I just pray to God to grant the children the fortitude to bear the loss. In the industry, we should learn to check on ourselves. We should make it a point of duty. Gathering like this (wake keep) is bad. I don’t like it, we should start checking on ourselves.

‘Her death is so painful’ -MUKA RAY
“Henrietta Kosoko’s death was so painful that I am still in shock. Gone so soon. She was a fantastic colleague, who was known with her good role interpretation. And she was nice to everybody. The industry will surely miss her.”

‘She was a pleasant woman’ -YOMI FABIYI
“Henrietta was a very pleasant and never aggressive woman. Her best make up were her smiles. She always gave me so much respect anytime we met and so said everybody she came across.”

‘Henrietta was very nice’ -FUNKE ETTI
“The news of her death was quite shocking, and very difficult to believe. It shouldn’t have been Aunty Henrietta that would die this soon. She was a very nice woman. But who are we to query God. May her gentle soul rest in peace.”

‘She was very accommodating’ -SAIDI BALOGUN
“Henrietta Kosoko was a very nice and accommodating woman. She was easy going and hardworking. Her death was shocking and painful. We will all miss her.”

‘She was full of encouragement’ – BABATUDE OWOKONIRAN
It was very shocking news to me. This was a woman that was full of encouragement. She encouraged the youth to be the best. Anytime you are on set with her, she’s willing to support and put you through, to tell you what to do in a friendly manner. This is a big loss to the industry. We all loved her and we would miss her so dearly.

‘She was so wonderful’ – KUNLE ADEGBITE
“She was just a wonderful person that I so much loved. She was kind, wonderful and full of encouragement. We will miss her in the industry. I was shocked when I heard about her death I broke down because we were not expecting such sad news. I don’t know how to describe this but I will greatly miss her. Our last moment was when I called her for my job in Abeokuta. That was the last time we were n set together. It’s just so sad

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