Ladies See The Shocking Effect Of Postinor 2 (Drug For Prevention of Pregnancy)

pos 2Postinor 2 is a medication to prevent pregnancy if you shine the sperm into the ovary, whether intentional or not. It can prevent pregnancy 95% in the first 24 hours after intercourse, it is used as a form of emergency contraception (more commonly known as a morning after pill).

Postinor-2 is formulated to function in a manner similar to the female hormone progesterone allowing for prevention of pregnancy if taken within a reasonable period of time. Generally, it is recommended that Postinor-2 be taken no later than three days after having unprotected intercourse.


When taken in the middle of the menstrual cycle, the preparation may inhibit ovulation. The pill can cause changes in the menstrual cycle in the lady. Your next period could start earlier or later than expected and flow can be lighter or heavier than normal.

It can cause nauseating feeling which occurs in approximately 25% of users vomiting

It can also bring about bleeding disturbances in some cases, 2-3 days following tablet ingestion

Sometimes it can cause breast tenderness, headache, dizziness, fatigue.

In the majority of cases the next period starts as expected or somewhat earlier, if the period is more than 7 days late it is recommended to perform a pregnancy test.

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  1. ((Mercy))
    It’s best u go in for other methods if u can’t use condoms,using p-2 more often is not advisable cos it contains very high levels of levonorgestrel which the body needs to use within sum few days,,visit a reproductive health centre for other options which are more flexible n less harmful to our reproductive system,,wish u luck dear!!

  2. Is not good for a gal or a boy to take any drug apart from the one that is meant for sickness is bad because you don’t no the after infect.

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