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My Latest Experience In A Danfo

Any lagosian who doesn’t own a car always has a friend in need in Danfo(s). Yes, there is now the Bus Rapid Transport[BRT] available in the state, but not everybody is a friend of queues. As such, danfo to the rescue.

Of course we all know what a danfo is, a lagos commercial bus, painted yellow with two black vertical stripes fully equipped with extra strong wooden and metal chairs as well as a shirtless driver and a red-eyed conductor. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Anyways, so last week on my way to see my friend, I entered a danfo from my busstop with the only free sit at the back of the danfo in between two fat women, sweaty (emphasis on the fat).

It wasn’t something I couldn’t manage so I persevered, amidst the sweat, fat, anda the smell of tomatoes.

When dread finally set in was when the conductor closed the bus door and the driver drove us off the road without any explanation into a narrow street.


Of course, as passengers we protested with the driver saying: ‘Either get down or shut up’. We couldn’t get down because at that point we’d already paid and were already confused by the convoluted road.

It was then I knew that lagosians can pray. Muslims shouted Jesus, Christians were chanting Arabic, and I was there just wondering which of my body parts will be used for juju.
Only for us to break out at the parallel expressway with the driver laughing and calling out to his conductor saying in Yoruba, ‘Their heart been don cut, see them, half lagosians’.

I returned home vowing not to enter another danfo till I died only for me to get to the busstsop the next day and well, of course, enter another Danfo.

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