Niger Delta Avengers Blow Up Another Pipeline

The Niger Delta Avengers have blown Up another crude oil exporting base.

Brig.Gen Mudoch Agbinibo, the spokesperson of the group informed about this in a statement.

The NDA said: “At about 7:30pm the Niger Delta Avengers blow up ExxonMobile Qua Iboe 48″ crude oil export pipeline. When will these International Oil companies (IOC) learn to listen. We (Niger Delta Avengers) said no export.”

The Avengers have launched a series of attacks on oil and gas facilities pipelines in southern Nigeria since February. The group is agitating for a greater share of Nigeria’s oil wealth among communities living in the region and has also demanded greater self-determination for the region.

Mainly due to the activities of the Niger Delta militant groups, the country’s oil output has been cut by around 600,000 barrels per day (bpd), dropping from 2.2 million bpd at the start of 2016 to 1.6 million bpd.



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