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NIGERIAN Politicians Are now Farmers – As 1.5Billion Naira cash is Discovered in Farmlands in Abuja

Just yesterday, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon. Yakubu Dogara revealed rather disturbing news – that monies stolen by some politicians have been recovered in farmlands in Abuja.

The speaker was however silent on the precise amount recovered from the farmlands, but he said he was informed that an estimated N1.5 billion cash had so far been dug up. He pointed out that he could never have imagined the scale of corruption Nigeria witnessed, especially in the last administration.

His words: “As we are speaking now, they are recovering monies from someone’s farm somewhere around Abuja. It is very unfortunate where people stole money just for the sake of stealing. “If you were the one who was in charge of fighting corruption, you would have even been shocked by the scale of the problem.”

Dogara also dismissed allegations from the opposition party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) that the ant-corruption war is selective and meant to witch-hunt their members. “You will recall that the PDP had been in power for a number of years – for more than a decade – and if you were to weigh members of the opposition that are in government now and had the opportunity to serve, those that would have tendencies to engage in pilfering of resources, majority will come from the PDP, except we are not being realistic,” Dogara said.

The speaker noted that not all members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) were saints, adding that APC also spent money in the course of the electioneering campaigns.

He however said there was no evidence yet to prove that government officials at the time transferred money to the APC campaign, stressing that the bulk of the money that was received by the PDP.

But the questions remains, why steal when you will not have peace of mind? Why steal and then hide in farmlands because it cant be kept in the bank.

While this revelation might seem comical, it goes to show how deeply rooted corruption is in the heaarts of our leaders.

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