Portugal wins Euro 2016 cup

History has been made

History has its ways of turning tides.The most anticipated winner of the on going eruo 2016 cup has finally surfaced with Portugal taking the cup home after defeating France with a score line of 1-0 at the first half of extra time.with the kind of game play that was exhibited by the Portuguese debunks the previous assumption of them being a one man team. Fernado Santo could now put his mind to rest on Ronaldo that even if he did not play in the game, they will still conceive a win without him.

Eder's goal

For a small country with just one star player to rise to glory beyond all hindrances encountered  from the beginning of the tournament.The Portuguese owe a big thank you to Eder who unleashed a life saving goal at the first half of extra time when all hopes were almost lost,which brought about uncontrolled happiness upon the face of the Portuguese in this trying times,even when ronaldo had been removed from the pitch at 23′ mint  of the match due to an injury.


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