Super Husband Fights Off 3 Men Who Beat Up his Wife in Lagos

Its no new thing that the streets aren’t safe, whether at morning, afternoon or night.

Today, a man had to result to his fists to defend his wife who was being attacked by three men.

The man, Viho Segun, could not stand by and watch the robbers beat his wife when they attacked his residence in the Olodi-Apapa area of Lagos Statye, and decided to fight them all to a standstill.

Segun who said he overpowered the gang leader, one Bashir Wasiu, while the rest fled, screamed for his neighbours to come to his aid and the criminal was apprehended and handed over to by operatives of the Rapid Response Squad of the State Police Command.

While narrating the ugly encounter with men of the underworld, Segun said after they dispossessed him of his documents, phones and N15,000 at gunpoint, they led him into his flat with the intention to collect more valuables from his family but when they could not find more money, they decided to beat up his wife, something he could not condone, and decided to tackle them head on.

The leader of the gang, Bashir Wasiu.
The leader of the gang, Bashir Wasiu.

“When the leader of the gang started beating my wife, I summoned courage to engage him. As soon as we started fighting, his colleague took to his heels. He too tried to run, but I held him, called out to neighbours, seized his gun and just in the nick of time, RRS officers on patrol arrived and they arrested him.”

The 22-year-old Wasiu, an indigene of Ogun State, while confessing to the police, said his gang had been monitoring Segun for a while and decided to strike when he least expected.

“We have been monitoring him for a while. We know he goes to work early in his car and we decided to ambush him. We were three; Michael and I followed him into his flat to collect more money, while Joseph was monitoring the situation outside.

The three of us met at a point near boundary in Ajegunle. That is where we plan our operations. We operate early in the morning and late evening.”

The pertinent question now is, can all men be like Segun and defend their wives if the occasion arrives?

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