What Kind Of Phone Are You?

There are only a few people in the world who do not use mobile phones – Monks, Infants, those in a coma, very old people (emphasis on the Very) and dead people. Yes, those are the only people who do not use mobile phones.

The aim of this post isn’t to give you insight to mobile phones neither is it to give a resounding speech of how phones can kill us or the like, we know that already. The aim is to catergorie you, yes you, into the kind of phone of you. Lets get started.

Are you a –

  • Sendo: Born in the medieval ages, dominated the medieval ages, and like the medieval ages, is now a thing of the past.
  • Tecno: Formally razz, gradually getting into the groove of becoming stylish but is still the local champion.
  • Sony: Literally a fish out of water, everything water resistant, probably a bayelsa or niger delta guy.
  • Sagem: We’re also looking for them, where is sagem?
  • Samsung: Fragile, good fashion sense, arguably the best, but blood group is SS.
  • HTC: Sleek, wears expensive cloth, thin and tall
  • Huawei: You have a name most people can’t pronounce, and those that can, forget it after a while.
  • Blackberry: Formally the king of the hood but has made many bad decisions and now begs for attention.
  • Iphone: Big Boy, good eyes, previously a short guy but has now eaten a lot of beans. Everyone loves you but most can’t be your friend.
  • China Phones: Ever heard that empty barrels make a lot of noise? This one is not even a barrel, is just a piece of metal with the loudest mouth. Formally the best friend of every street boy till they started doing yahoo.
  • Microsoft: Good kid but very hard to understand. p.s – whats with the plenty colours, man?
  • LG: Also a good kid, but as an Ibo boy, should just stick to selling TVs and air conditioners.
  • Zoom: Bros, where you come from, abeg? Just stick to being the bad guy in The Flash.
  • Acatel: Unfortunately, I can’t tell.
  • Wiko: I mean, who gives you guys names sef?
  • Infinix: Twin brother to Tecno, sleek, yes; good? maybe, but has a knack for fainting and never getting back up.

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