10 Things Every Guy Must Do To Make A Woman Feel Better During Her Monthly Period

Every month women has to undergo a body cycle called menstruation, a natural phenomenon that provides women important body chemicals called hormones, to keep their body healthy and prepares them for pregnancy.

Most men didn’t know the hardship women had to go through during this period – both physically and emotionally. That’s why it’s extremely important to educate ourselves about this topic so that we will be able to make women feel better during their monthly period.

Here are 10 things men should do when a woman is in her period.

1. Try to understand what a woman feels during her period.

man-comforting-a-sick-womanPhoto: medicalnewstoday.com

Monthly period symptoms manifested differently in every woman but it is usually accompanied by abdominal pain, which in itself is not very nice. Moreover, the intensity can vary from a few annoying aching to virtually paralyzing penetrating pain. Women may experience headaches, anxiety, change in appetite, pain in the genital area, as well as feeling very tired or sleepy. Thus it is important to understand her mood swings.

2. Remind her about her qualities.

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Compliment her, say anything that will allow her to feel beautiful and intelligent. In addition, it will make her feel confident and will slightly smooth out mood swings.

3. Help her in the house.

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A woman would feel great if you could help her in her daily chores. Spare her from unnecessary stress by simply washing the dishes and clothes. Because of this, you lighten the load of everyday worries and give her time to rest.

4. Reassure her.

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Give her a massage or warm hug. Simply holding her hands will also make her feel better and secured.

5. Make her feel loved and desired.

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Let a woman know you’re glad that she is in your life. Tell her how much you love her and how charming and beautiful she is in every way. By doing so, she will be grateful to you.

6. Do not ever show disgust.

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This is the reaction that men should never do, instead, be willing to listen if she wants to talk about it. Do not make awkward faces and be sure not to hesitate if she would ask you to buy her female needs such as tampons, etc.

7. Cook for her.

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Menstruation can be extremely difficult and draining for a woman. Preparing and cooking her a healthy and rejuvenating meal would help her cope up with all the blood loss and will also help her gain energy and nutrients.

8. Don’t judge her.

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Hormonal change makes them emotional, their mood changes abruptly. So don’t judge them by their crying, or their irritating tantrums. Be supportive, as they hardly have any control over it.

9. Pamper her.

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Well, chocolates are the best way to pamper a woman, unless she’s on a diet. LOL! Oh, flowers would work too!

10. Accept it.

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Accept the fact that women had to go through this cycle for a long time. Always remember that this natural phenomenon – a key to a new life.

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