Fani-Kayode says Buhari is Using Ali Modu to destroy PDP

calls Ali Modu a government mole and spy

Fani-Kayode went on twitter to counter statements against him by the factional PDP leader, Ali Modu Sheriff.

Ali Modu in an interview on Channels TV said Fani-Kayode sent 20 persons to beg him. After he contacted his lawyers to sue Fani-Kayode for saying he (Ali) is affiliated to Boko Haram. Also saying “the likes of Fani-kayode who change goal posts on every issue, should not be taken seriously.”

In a Tweetstorm the former minister said,

“Lying Ali Modu Sheriff told Channels TV that I sent people to beg him for claiming that he was Boko Haram. These are the lies of a desperate and drowning man… He came to destroy the PDP and if we did not rise up against him and kick him out when we did he would have succeeded in his mission.”

The former minister didn’t stop at that. Here are further tweets,

He points out that the PDP administration during Obasanjo’s tenure used Ali Modu to destroy the APP. And now he’s used by the APC to destroy the PDP.

What do you think?

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