Dead frog found in sealed CWay Bottled Water

Here’s Video Evidence

Before anything else, here’s the video…

One of the basic amenities expected from any government is clean water. And when there was the water contamination crisis in Flint, Michigan it took less than two weeks for President Barack Obama to declare it a federal state of emergency.

Well, you know – this is Nigeria. Where we don’t ask what the government can do for us because we do everything ourselves. Even though this shouldn’t be.

The video making the rounds online shows a dead frog floating in a sealed, treated and filtered bottle of CWay water.

With the bottle seal untampered, the person recording the video expresses shock on seeing this as much as I am writing this. And you are forgiven if for a minute you left this page open and walked over to your office water dispenser just to check. What did you find?

“There is a frog floating in my bottle”, thats what he says and what we see.

“A dead frog floating in this water that we drink in the house. That we use to make baby’s food”.

And if you listen close you hear a baby cooing in the background.

Sometime last year the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control, NAFDAC, said over 95 percent of packaged water producers in the country didn’t have mini water laboratories to check the quality of their products.

Is this one of such cases or just blatant complacency in following safety standards?

At the moment we are trying to confirm that this isn’t a case of some dubious company repacking water in a CWay bottle. And that this was actually their product sold by one of their distributors.

We have reached out to the company for comments. Of importance is what or who was responsible for this obvious case of contamination? And how the company intends to track down other bottles that are part of this batch?

We’ve also reached out to NAFDAC and will update this report with their responses.

Image Credit: Pixabay Cc

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