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Meme Edition: How it plays out everytime Niger Delta Avengers make a statement

the Lion King edition

If you’ve been following statements credited to Niger Delta Avenger’s alleged spokespersons, you must be tired by now. One minute some person says he’s speaking for the group, the next morning some other spokesperson is calling him a fraud.

Is there a genuine spokesperson out there? Well, till the next one speaks, here’s how I see it.

1. Mr Funnyname Spokesperson: We are ready for dialogue.

Me: Really?

2. Mr Funnyname Spokesperson: And we don’t want financial inducement.
Me: Wow

3. Mr Funnyname Spokesperson:

Me: Awww, so fatrotic.

Then comes the party pooper- Spokesman2

4. Spokesman2: No, we are not ready for dialogue.

Me: Egbami. Who is this one?

Me: But I thought just now your people said…

5. Spokesman2:

Me: But why are you like this?

6. Spokesman2:

Me: Okay, Who is your spokesperson gan gan.

7. Spokesman2:

Me: But Why are you mentioning the former President’s name?




Disclaimer: Was the topic too sensitive?

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