Jesse Jagz: “No Bloody Musician Is Better Than Me And M.I Abaga In Nigeria”


Jesse Garba Abaga popularly known as Jesse Jagz has come out to declare that no other Nigerian musician makes music better than him and his brother, M.I Abaga. In a recent interview with, the ‘Jargo’ crooner, who is highly regarded in the music industry for his creativity, did not mince words when he was asked about the Nigerian music industry. Not caring whose ox is gored, he declared that the Abaga brothers, are the best in the country.
Me and M.I combined, there’s no bloody musician, I don’t care who your father is, that can be better combined and artistically The Chocolate City act, further added that himself and brother M.I are; “probably the most artistic and forward thinking musicians” in the country. On their style of music, he said: How we rap is very different. M.I is very witty on a different level. You want to hear somebody rhyme with eight rhyme patterns, that’s why I’m here. Jagz is the person.

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  1. In terms of rap nobody is better than mi cause his killing it in is own way..but you Jesse fuck you broke bastard with your rough face like dog poop people will be talking you still feel you can talk also. Everybody knows your songs are whack,fuck your flows your music is nt even moving in the nigerian market even ycee that is a new comer is better than you at least he’s getting is shit recognized most people only knew you becuase of mi and only know you as mi’s kid bro nothing more than that pls quit music barb your bad looking haircut and I heard you studied law I think I dnt know focus on that and ps fuck your production credit 2 cause you ain’t hot in the game no more

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