Let that Dress Live


Walk like you have three men walking behind you — Oscar de la Renta

Maybe someone should tell Oscar that this is Lagos. Where if you have one unfamiliar man behind you you start looking over your shoulders. That’s what Lagos has taught me.

But I know what Oscar means. He may have had an image of a beauty in mind. He needed her to strut on the runway with fire in her strides. He knew the importance of the walk, just as he knew his fabrics- thread by thread. It wasn’t enough that the model had on a piece from the next summer collection. It wasn’t enough that she looked the part — he wanted more. He wanted grace in her step. A sway to it.

The dress should keep its identity no matter who has it on. Yeah it covers the body, but there’s more. There’s something that makes it stand out. You know when the stylist holds out a dress and gives a gentle swing? And the dress responds with a ripple. At that point a magic catches your eyes. You think the dress is perfect- with a little adjustment by the waist you’ll be good.

You buy it. It looks so beautiful on you. Everyone says it does. But you see, good isn’t what we are gunning for here.

You want to pass your energy through it. You don’t just want the dress to make you shine — you want your personality to shine just as much. And if you get it right, good lord.

The effect you get when a gentle breeze blows against your dress while you walk by the seashore- it’s something like that. Stand straight. Take long strides — placing one leg in front of the other as you walk. Relax — let your hands fall next to your body. Then walk with confidence — put purpose in every stride.

Your dress can only say so much. Together you say much more.

This piece first appeared here. And is republished with the consent of the author.

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