Edo Election: It’s Politics as Usual with Stomach Infrastructure

How often does the average Nigerian accuse those in power of incompetence and corruption?

How often have they done something about it?

You might say they took a step by voting in a new government at the centre. A bold step. But you have heard these same people talk about how the “corrupt” situation at the time is much better than their current experience.

What brings this up is that the average person or complainant isn’t necessarily looking to change the polity- their aim is to better themselves regardless of who’s in power and what they do.

The attitude is more of “if I’m okay, then things are going well with the nation.” If there’s a strain on me, then something is wrong with the government. Without factoring that they might be on the wrong side of the law.

It’s basic human instinct.

And that is the experience across board in states where the governors challenged the status quo.

Take Lagos for example where the state government is demolishing illegal buildings and those under high tension wires. The move which naturally should be commended is not accepted across board.

“There was mixed feeling in the area as some people applauded the state government, while the new owners condemned it,” Vanguard reports.

On the other side of the spectrum is the Ekiti state government. Ekiti the state government organises regular programs to dole out cash and food items to the populace.

“It’s an ongoing thing, we didn’t just start today, today’s program is meant to alleviate the suffering of the people, to help them in keeping body and soul together, this is the one for the widows, we have done for people in some other sectors that needs to be supported” the Governor is quoted as saying in a Premium Times report.

“It’s a way of life, we are doing it continuously and we’ll not stop.”

And they turn out in mass.

Pointing out that people want things to get better but don’t want to bear any burden in the process.

So when LIB reported that the Edo APC is sharing Akara in the state, one is taken aback that politicians still have to engage such crude practice to appease electorates.

And when you consider that that the government in the state took some unpopular decisions, one tends to see reason.

But does this speak of poverty in the state or just the carrot and the stick approach?


Here’s how LIB put it:

“Ahead of the Wednesday September 28th governorship election, APC members in Edo state have set up these free Akara spots in the state where residents can go and collect free Akara to feed.”

What do you think?

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