Fashion is Art and You Are the Canvas

How do you see fashion?

Is it something for the centrefold models in a glossy magazine? Or something you aspire to but is unattainable?

For most of us, we acquire our tastes from what we feed off the media. Going with the times and not having to curate out taste. It’s easier- ctrl C, ctrl V.

“That’s so last year, this is what they wear now.”

(They being the trendy)

Does that sound familiar? And that rolls in year-on-year. Every fashion season with its unique quirks. Quirks designed with a muse in mind. A muse that isn’t you.

That works for most consumers though.

I had a conversation around personal style which stated off with us talking about Kcee (he needs a stylist) and it soon got down to popular fashion blogger, Nobel Igwe and how he etched out (he still does) a unique style for himself. One of those in said conversation voiced that he couldn’t adopt Nobel’s choice of colour. But what thing we all agreed on was that what Nobel does works for Nobel (and it might work for you).

But what if it doesn’t? What if recreating the bearded Igbo muse’s famous door looks doesn’t go to plan. And you’re sure it’s not your phone camera. It just doesn’t work.

Fashion is not a one size fits all although it’s treated as such. And while certain things work across board knowing what works for you and implementing it will make all the difference in the world.

Let me bring this home a bit.

In taking selfies for instance, if you take a lot of them over time you must have worked out what angle(s) work(s) best for you. Capturing from the side, not looking straight into the camera, look up to the camera and so on. Yet there are people who take selfies head straight, click and boom- beauty. Same camera, same light condition.

What makes for different results are our features. Certain features on us are more/less obvious than on others. Complexion, height, size, and a few other things may get in the way.

Short persons should wear pants with vertical lines- it makes them look taller. But if you’re tall you shouldn’t do it except that’s the precise effect you are gunning for.

And you don’t have to be a professional to achieve a look that works for you while keeping up with the times (if that’s your thing). Get a stylist.

But a less expensive option is for you to identify what gets in your way. Google a way around it and then incorporate this into every of your looks. It boosts your confidence and you end up making fashion statements without even trying.

Image Credit: Eva Rinaldi Via Flickr Cc

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