Lagos State Government gives 1 million Naira Seed Fund to Bio-Gas Startup

Lagos State Government provides one million naira seed fund to the winners of its Ready, Set, Work (RSW) programme.

The winners, Sarunmi Oluwafemi and Dada Samuel , are both students of the Lagos State College of Health Technology. They designed a means of generating Biogas through the treatment of animal waste. In addition to the seed fud they’ll receive N100,000 monthly working capital for six months.

The first runner up -One Box Group got N500,000 and N100, 000 monthly working capital for six months. And the second runner up– Artisans On Campus received N250, 000 and equally placed on N100, 000 monthly working capital for six months.

The RSW training program lasted 13 week with 422 participants. Some of whom will the state government will employ.

Source: LIB

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