President Buhari says change won’t come easy

President Muhammadu Buhari says the nation will get back on track.

The President made this statement while on his one day official visit to Osun State. Where he inaugurated a 3,000-capacity Osogbo High School- one of the activities to mark the State’s 25th anniversary.

He points out the change mantra of his administration is not a bed of roses.

In his words, “Changes are never achieved on the bed of roses but through steadfastness, dedication, integrity, the country shall be rescued and be prosperous again”.

“We are determined to implement our change agenda by curbing excessive waste in government. We shall restore integrity to governance through the fight against corruption. We are determined to deliver and rescue the country from bad governance” he adds.

The President’s words come at a time the nation is experiencing economic downturn. With calls from some quarters questioning the President’s economic policies. A recent one was a statement by the PDP telling him to step down from office after the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics released data on the nation’s economy.

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