Senator Ben Murray-Bruce says President Buhari’s anti-corruption campaign is hurting the economy

Senator Ben Murray- Bruce says President Buhari’s anti-corruption drive is scaring off investors.

He said this at the senate debate on the Economy during plenary, yesterday; September 22nd.

The Senator adds that the fight against corruption is making Nigerians, interested in investing in the economy, have the fear they might be investigated by antigraft agencies, LIB reports.

“If you look at Nigeria today, nobody is buying land, nobody is buying houses. Rent is actually is coming down. The economy has shut down. The reason why this is happening is because of Fear. Everybody is afraid,” he says. “You cannot run a 21st century economy where everybody is terrified. Everybody is afraid of being arrested. As long as you have fear in the system, you will not invest your money in that economy,” he adds.

Source: LIB

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