The Sub-Saharan Eclipse

While I decided to hands off writing any more story on Mark Zuckerberg’s Lagos visit . I found an article that touched on the issue of labelling Nigeria and 45 or 47 other African nations (depending on who you ask) as sub-Saharan Africa. Thereby denying unique nationalities more precise identifiers.

Zuck’s visit brought that up again when a few media houses labelled his visit to Lagos as a trip to sub-Saharan Africa. And Nigerian’s took it up on social media, asking why it’s too difficult for said media houses to spell out the five letter word city, Lagos.

With the nation in a recession and scepticism from foreign investors. Telling Zuckerberg’s story to Lagos right will boost Nigeria’s image and help attract his sort.

But why the sub-Saharan eclipse?

Max de Haldevang explains it in this piece.

What do you think?

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