Made-in-Nigeria products, key to diversifying and growing the economy- Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari says yes promoting Made-in-Nigeria products is key to revitalizing the economy. And is direction the government is charting to secure the economy.

The President said this at the opening of the 22nd Nigerian Economic Summit in Abuja, Guardian reports.

“As I have said in the past, we need to diversify the economy so that we would never again have to rely on one commodity to survive as a country, so that we can produce the food we eat, make our own textile, produce most of the things we use and create the right
environment for our young people to be able to benefit and create jobs through technology,” he says

“Fortunately, we have champions of made-in-Nigeria that had defied the odds over the years to produce locally and contribute to our economy. My greatest desire is that Nigeria moves from import dependence to self-sufficiency in local production and become an export-led economy in goods and service,” he adds.

Source: Guardian

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